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Required documents for student tax filing in Ontario

Students are required to file taxes in Canada every year. Many students ask, should i file taxes if I didn’t have any income to report? The answer is “YES!”.

Even if you don’t have any income you are eligible to claim benefits. To find out which benefits you are eligible for, read our blog relating to Benefits and Taxes in Canada.

So you must be wondering, what are the documents required for filing taxes with

  1. · Social Insurance Number
  2. · Income documents
    • · T4 form issued by your employer (Employment income and deductions)
    • · T4A (Scholarships and bursaries)
    • · Uber/Skip the dishes summary from your accounts if you participated in ride sharing or meals delivery services
  3. · Expense documents
    • · Tuition Form T2202A – Available on your college website
    • · Rent/lease agreements
  4. · Direct deposit form – this can be obtained from your bank’s website
  5. · Piece of identification – driver’s license or student ID

By all means this list covers most but not all. Our accountants go through a list with you over the phone once you submit your tax files through us.

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